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Hadley has never known a life outside of an 18” wire crate kept on a table in a barn. Her muscles have deteriorated from lack of exercise; and as you can see in the video, she has been conditioned to only spin in circles due to the constant containment. On top of this, she was never provided socialization, grooming, nail trims, or sufficient calories to keep her healthy. She is skin and bones. All that mattered was that she produced litters of profitable puppies. 
And if that amount of neglect was not enough, Hadley was never provided medical care. Due to so much mistreatment in her life, Hadley is suffering. Her kidneys are not properly functioning—the vet is hopeful that we are dealing with acute kidney injury and not complete renal failure. On top of this detrimental issue, she is suffering from significant dental infection. If the kidney issue is indeed kidney injury and has been caught early enough, it is possible that she will be able to recover. 
As a non-profit rescue, these significant medical cases, like Hadley’s, can drain funds that allow us to continue rescuing other dogs. We never thought twice about saving Hadley, even in her current condition, because that is what we are here to do.  
Today we are asking for your help in saving Hadley. Hadley is only one of TEN neglected dogs we took into our care from the same breeder within the last week. The complete disregard for the health and well-being of these dogs will require thousands of dollars in medical and dental care. 
A monetary donation of any amount will help us offset these costs. If you find yourself in a place to be able to help, we would be extremely grateful. 
Donations can be sent anytime via Venmo (@wbdr23; or dropped off in person at our weekly adoption events (Saturdays 11a-1p at Petsmart East). Prefer to mail a donation? Please reach out for additional info.
Thank you, from the entire Wisconsin Bound team, for following and supporting our rescue journey.

How You Can Help: Feature

How You Can Help



Please reach out to our Facebook or email to find out how you can volunteer



Please apply with the adoption application and put "foster" for the dogs name on the application.

How You Can Help: Projects


Border Collie


You can donate at any of our events, or through Venmo


We are always in need of dry and wet food, bleach, and paper towels.

How You Can Help: Projects
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