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Dogs five years old and younger: $425

Dogs over five years old: $225

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Available Dogs



Female, 6 years old, ~10lbs, Great with small dogs and kids, Unknown with cats, Fenced in yard would be best

Alice was a breeder surrender from an Amish farm. She is a learning what being a loved house pet is all about. Currently, Alice is making good progress on potty training. She is very nervous but enjoys being snuggled when on your lap. It is going to take lots of time and patience for her to completely open up, but in return you can watch her blossom into her best self. She enjoys the company of smaller dogs and will need a canine companion in her new home who will show her the ropes as she continues to adjust to her new life.



Male, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Clay is a sweet pup with a cute little white nose! He just recently arrived in WI and is starting to learn all the typical puppy things! He is good with dogs and also does excellent with kids! He is the biggest of nine in his litter.



Female, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Little Daph is proudly showing off some battle scars on her snout from her life before arriving in WI. She is a tough girl and doesn’t let the past bring her down! She knows she’s still cute and doesn’t let a little scar impact her puppy life! Daph is a typical puppy–she loves to play with toys, kids and other dogs. It is currently unknown how she does with cats.



Male, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Duke is an energetic and playful dude! As a puppy, potty training is of course a work in progress. Only time will tell how big he will get because he is a perfect mixed breed rescue pup! Duke has not yet been introduced to cats, but does well with both dogs and children!



Male, heeler mix, good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Finley has your typical heeler energy! He is searching for a family to keep him exercised and entertained on a daily basis! He is crate trained, potty trained and good with dogs. Finley loves car rides and snacks! He does well with kids, but kids 8+ would be an ideal fit due to his size, energy and herding tendencies. Make this handsome boy part of your family today!



Female, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Glenda is a playful gal looking for her amazing family. She is on the smaller side about 10 lbs right now. Her adult weight should be from 35 - 45 lbs. Glenda is great with dogs and people. She is still a puppy but seems to be catching on to potty training.



Mixed breed, Female/spayed, 5 yrs, ~50 lbs, Crate trained, Potty trained, Needs slow intro to new dogs.

Kia is an intelligent, pretty girl who LOVES toys and knows an array of commands including sit, down, shake, spin, find, focus and more. It is important that Kia gets slow introductions to new dogs, but she does well once she has been appropriately acquainted! She needs a fenced in yard and will do best with an energetic fur sibling—preferably male. Kia also loves kids (8+ would be ideal) and does ok with cats (can be intense for some). This girl is intent to please! Apply today and give her a chance to prove it!



Male, Neutered, 8 month old, Husky/Shepherd Mix, 50 pounds, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Luke is a young energetic boy that is looking for a home to match his energy. He needs a home that will provide mental and physical exercise, with consistent and strong leadership. He is a very smart and loyal dog. He loves to learn, enjoys treats, and his favorite past time is chewing on toys. He is potty trained and sleeps in a gated area. He  is doing well with two adult dogs and a puppy in his foster home. Due to lack of socialization in his first home, proper introductions will be necessary for Luke. He will need a yard with a secured fence to help him with his energy. He would do best in a home with older children.



Male, 1.5 years old, 9lbs, Great with dogs and kids, Unknown with cats

Mac is a sweet boy looking for his forever home. He is a small dog with lots of personality. Doing great with potty training and loves his people. He would be great as an only dog or a great addition to your 4-legged or 2-legged family. He is neutered and up to date on shots. If you are looking for the softest pup, ever come and meet Mac.



Female, 40 lbs, Mix breed, 1 year old, good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Meredith is loving and affectionate. She's great with other dogs. Okay, on a leash, we are working on it. Coming into Wis March 9th



American bully breed, Female, 3 years old, 75lbs, good with kids and dogs, NO CATS

This amazing girl is such a love. Not only will she steal your heart, she will also steal your lap. Mila adores her people. She is great with other dogs and all people. 



Mini Aussie mix, Female, spayed, 3 years old, good with dogs, Shy with people and kids, Unknown with cats, 25 lbs, petite

Meet Millie, a mini Aussie mix, who is a surrender from an Amish farm where she was used for breeding. While her past is unknown, her future is looking bright. Millie has pretty blue eyes, fluffy fur and true to her breed, likes to be near her person. She is quiet around the house, potty trained and sleeps in a crate at night. Her petite size makes her great for an apartment or small home. Millie is a playful girl and is looking for a home that will honor her journey as she continues her to learn love and safety and to continue her socialization process. If you’re looking for a your next love, apply for Millie!



Female, Mixed Breed, DOB 9/18/23, Great with dogs and kids, Unknown with cats
Namid is your typical young dog. She loves other dogs, exploring new things, playing with toys and snuggling.

Namid is looking for a home with a fur sibling to play with and help her feel safe and secure! She loves to snuggle by your side and sleep under the covers. Namid is treat motivated, has learned to ring bells at the door to go outside and loves to relax with a tasty bone! This petite girl would love to be your new best friend! 



Female, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Oakley has a super soft coat and a cute short tail! She is the largest female in her litter at this point and loves her snuggles! Oakley is working on all the things puppies need to learn! She does well with kids and dogs and has not yet had a chance to meet cats.



Pit mix, 5 years old, 45lbs, Great with people, No cats or dogs

Penny has been waiting for a home in Wisconsin since January!  Yes, Penny is a pitty mix, and this breed is not adopted quickly like a doodle, lab, or golden retriever. Pitties  sit and wait patiently, hoping maybe today will be my lucky day.
This girl LOVES her people. She wags with excitement from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. 
Are you looking for a girl who will love you for who you are and never judge? Penny is your girl. We need to find Penny her forever home. 
She is 45 lbs, completed her heartworm treatment down south while not having her forever home.
Penny needs to be an only dog. She never was properly socialized with other dogs. She is great with humans. No cats, she thinks they are a fun chase toy.
This girl deserves a family that will love her and enjoy  some cuddles along with a forever commitment.


Serenity (Cici)

Female, Husky, about 3 years old
Great with dogs, shy with kids, Unknown with cats

Cici was a surrender from an Amish farmer that the state closed down due to neglect and bad conditions. She was used for breed purposes only.  We believe she had at least 8 litters. Cici needs a home with another playful pup, and a fenced-in yard is a must.Cici has a heart condition, and because of that, she can not be spayed. There is a surgery to correct it, but their is a high chance she may not make it through the procedure. We have decided to let her live out her days, and we want her to have the very best. Cici is very sweet but is shy of people petting her. This girl has not 1 mean bone in her body. She is a dog that loves to lay in front of a door and soak up the warm sun. She is currently being fostered with lots of other dogs and small kids.



Terrier mix, 15lbs, Male, Dob 6/28/2020, Good with dogs, No kids, Unknown with cats

Tate was adopted out as an 8wk old puppy 3.5 years ago. Sadly, there was no real guidance put into place, and then add abuse from a male gets us to the point where we are now at. For his safety, he was surrender back to our rescue. 
Thing Tate needs in next home..1) stong leader who will help to show him clear boundaries through positive reinforcement 2) A single woman with no small kids3) Someone who enjoys going for walks around the block a few times a day.4) Someone who is ok with a dog that doesn't need to be overly touched.5) Someone who will give this boy a chance and a new start.
Tate can get nippy when he is overwhelmed. Sadly, this will take a lot of understanding and patience to help this boy overcome his fear. He does come with training near the Sun Prairie/Marshall area, so we are looking for his new owner to be close to the Madison area. Also, Tate will need Grooming 3x a year to maintain his beautiful coat.



Male, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Look at Teddy rocking his oh-so-soft tri-color coat! This boy has a cute short tail and enjoys cuddles! He plays well with dogs and also goes great with kids. As a rescued mixed breed, Teddy’s adult size is unknown!



Male, Mixed Breed, DOB 9/18/23, Great with dogs and kids, Unknown with cats

Titan is an adorable, energetic leader with many characteristics of a lab! He also happens to be the largest of all his littermates. This boy enjoys playing with other dogs and toys, of course! He is ready for his forever home!



Male, mixed breed, DOB 12/5/23, good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

You're not gonna want to miss seeing Tubs run! He has short little legs resulting in the cutest run ever! He is a teeny little guy in comparison to some of his littermates! Don’t miss your chance to make this cute little guy yours! He plays well with dogs and kids and has yet to meet cats.  



Female, DOB 12/5/23, mixed breed, Good with kids and dogs, Unknown with cats

Willow is a sweet girl with four white paws that make it look like she is wearing little white socks! She is a typical pup–plays hard, naps often and is working on potty training. She has done well with all dogs and children she has met so far.

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